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Webinar on More Efficient and Accurate Ultrasonic Inspection Scanning

webinar featuring NDT Sweeper for better inspection scanning

Zetec has posted a 25-minute on-demand webinar on new ultrasonic inspection scanning technology that helps technicians improve the efficiency and accuracy of ultrasonic inspections. This webinar is ideal for oil and gas, aerospace, manufacturing and other industrial applications.

The webinar features the NDT Sweeper scanner, a single scanning solution for multiple ultrasonic inspection environments. NDT Sweeper can handle flat and curved specimens, magnetic and nonmagnetic surfaces and raster scanning over long distances. It supports up to two phased array probes of any kind, making it the perfect companion for manual weld inspections.

The session will feature a series of practical demonstrations to show the operational and productivity gains of the NDT Sweeper scanner, including:

  • A typical corrosion-mapping application and representative composite inspection
  • Two different types of weld inspections

“This webinar will show how the highly versatile NDT Sweeper scanner works together with any instrument in Zetec’s TOPAZ portable phased array family to deliver an inspection advantage,” said Dominic Giguère, Zetec Product Manager – UT Portable Solutions at Zetec. “You’ll learn how to use the latest technology to achieve more accurate scans while increasing the versatility and productivity of your inspections.”

The following language versions of the webinar are now available. Click on the link to register and view the webinar: