阵列 BOP

Our nearly 50 years of leading the industry in developing inspection solutions influences everything we do. That includes leading the way in Array BOP technology. We have secured patents on our coils to give you the confidence that when you’re using Zetec probes, you’re getting the best coverage possible. We provide the best probes for finding circumferential flaws in BOP environments. We can even develop customized probe solutions that are specific to your inspection needs.

  • Find Circumferential Cracks In Heat Exchangers

    Do you need to find circumferential cracks in your heat exchanger? Do you need better characterization of your flaws than what can be provided by bobbin probes alone? Zetec's CXB2 probes provide a low cost solution. A single row of array coils allows you to find circumferential flaws. A bobbin coil provides you the typical bobbin data on the same pass. The probe is encapsulated in a solid titanium protected body for use in the BOP environment. CXB Probe Datasheet


  • Tubing With Bends

    If you need to find circumferential cracks in tubing with bends, Zetec has 2 options. A CXB5 provides array coils only in a very robust design. A CXB1 also has a flexible bobbin coil if both array and bobbin data is required. CXB Probe Datasheet


  • Characterize All Flaws and Features

    Do you need to find all features and flaws in your BOP tubing? Zetec has created the CXB4 probe that has the full set of X-Probe array coils in a robust body designed for BOP tubing. CXB Probe Datasheet