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What’s New for Eddynet version 1.16.6

This latest release allows a user to run multiple AN windows at a time, includes alpha-numeric encode support to the Encode Search engine, and added the ability have more than one Vessel associated with an Eddynet/AN database. The Eddynet Core no longer requires a user to re-zero phase in the MIZ-8x wizard to get a complete optimization. And DM now supports a longer Component ID and is able read it from a CSV import.

With the 1.16.0 release, Zetec has combined the installers for Eddynet and RevospECT with Velocity and RevospECT HX products. This combined installer enables a user to install the products as they need, including on the same machine. Although the products can all be safely installed on the same machine, they cannot be run at the same time. For example, a user can run Eddynet OR Velocity but not both at the same time. With the combined installer, the versions of both Eddynet and Velocity are the same.

Eddynet/AQ for Acquisition

Features of Eddynet/AQ include:

  • Auto Acquire (AAS & Scripted AAS)
  • MIZ-iD support
  • PIMS (Probe Inventory Management)
  • Data Stripper (X-Probe/Bobbin)
  • Network Hardware Identification Utility
  • Integrated Test Management
  • DQV (optional)

Eddynet/AN for Analysis

Features of Eddynet/AN include:

  • Bobbin, MRPC, Array Analysis
  • Advanced C-Scan
  • E-Resolution
  • APTS
  • Bobbin, Array, D-Probe Profile
  • Multi-datafile comparison

Eddynet/DM for Management

Features of Eddynet/DM include:

  • Inspection Planning & Management
  • Historical Management
  • APTS
  • Special Interest Test
  • PID Test
  • Test Plans and Scanner Tool
  • Extent and Advanced Reporting Tools
  • HMS/EIMS exports
  • Cal-Board