NDT Sweeper


Pipe Range, Circumferential 4’’ NPS (4.5’’) to flat
Pipe Range, Longitudinal 4’’ NPS (4.5’’) to flat
Radial Clearance 48mm (1.9") on a 4" NPS pipe; 70mm (2.8") on plane surface
Probe Holding Capacity 2 phased array probes with option
PA Probe Holder Minimum Wedge Width 15.6mm (0.61")
PA Probe Holder Maximum Wedge Width 75.6mm (2.98")
Umbilical Length 3m (10')
Cart Height 70mm (2.75")
Cart Width 146mm (5.75")
Cart Length 144mm (without probe) (5.67")
Cart Weight 1.2kg (2.7lbs)
Operating Temperature -20°C (-4°F) to 50°C (122°F)
Environmental Sealing Submersible

Specifications listed may change without prior notification.